What am doing these winter…….

So far winter ????

I have Always thought I loved winter,  when questions of selection between winter and summer pops up I always go for winter,  until recently. I have realised that winter is definitely not for me I hate being indoor,taking too much coffee, waking up in the afternoon and taking warm shower,  but anyways it’s life!  But here is what I’m doing these winter.


I don’t really exercises Um kinda lazy to do that but these time I’m gonna push my self harder  .

Taking an online pharmacy course

I’m hoping for pharmacy school next year so I’m definitely going take these one seriously .


I been caught with a lot of work that I don’t even do things that I love any more but these winter I am fucken ready for this.

Watch more Ted talks

I know maybe I should not be putting these here but it really helped me to be the person I am today,  I mean if you know what I mean.

Be my own self again.

Stop caring what other people think .

Stop being late for school

Lol,  I’m always late for school no matter what time I wake up I always find every one sitted in class and I will coming up with excuses for me being  late.

Make more friends .

Recently life have been hard , I found it hard to trust people to associate with new people to express my feelings and thoughts I really thought I was useless but I worked on myself and I am myself again .

Express my feelings and thoughts

These time around I will express my emotions.

So there you have it these are some of the things I will start doing these winter,  it really took me a long time to really get to myself again  and I am overwhelmed with emotions as I’m writing these I thought I was never getting up again and stand my ground again I know I should be crying but man I’m a big gal now.

Much love Eliz.. . .❤❤❤❤